Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tick Tock

Have you ever had a night that just wouldn't end? You watch the minutes tick by on the clock thinking "if I fall asleep right now I can still get three hours" which quickly turns into two hours, and then one. You alternate between hoping for sleep and praying for morning, both of which seem to make the time go by slower. Sometimes it's insomnia, sometimes it's a baby crying because she's on vacation and away from her own bed. My case was the latter.

Eventually, the night did end.

And the morning was there to greet me, whether I was ready or not.

I wasn't.

Our vacation was waiting also, and vacation waits for no tired mommy. We spent the day at the beach here on Amelia Island. I am no stranger to beaches, being as I live a mere three mikes from Florida's gulf coast. But let me tell ya, the Atlantic beach is the big mama to the gulf beaches.

First I was shocked by the sand. It's real, unadulterated, nature made beach sand. Ours is trucked in and powdery fine. Little to no shell action. Whereas here you could actually make a day of hunting for shells, a pastime which I now finally understand.

Second, the span of space from the beach to wet sand, from wet sand to this odd little two inch deep shallow tide area, and finally to the edge of the water to the waves.

And the WAVES! They are legit, people. Mason and his buddy Sebastian were taught to body surf by their fathers, and I daresay that with enough food and beers (for the dads, that is) they could body surf themselves into next week.

It is strange to be a stranger to the beach. I officially feel like a tourist now.

Until tomorrow, which hopefully is its own day and not a big long continuous run-on sentence like today and yesterday have become!

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