Monday, December 22, 2008

Hell has frozen over and Pigs are flying

I was sorta on the I'll-never-have-a-blog bandwagon. I always labeled it as something that's too time consuming and yet another thing in my life to maintain.

I actually started a blog back in January 2007, but it never really took off. Rey was working in Key West for three weeks and I had some spare time (which was probably the last time in my life I can honestly say I had some spare time). But he was only gone for three weeks, and when he returned to my life, blogging left it.

I started again in July 2008. I figured it'd be a good way to keep people abreast of our life and of Lila's every growing newborn self. I can't really explain the failure to launch on that attempt. Just one of those things that went alone the wayside as I exercised a preference for the occasional wink of sleep.

Alas, I have been strongarmed by several (you know who you are!) to join to blogosphere.

So here we go again. The re-relaunch, just in time for the Holidays. I hope to have some Christmas cheer to post in the coming days! : )

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